June 2016

Buying and selling your home without the help of real estate agents has proliferated in recent years. Although doing the work yourself can provide you more savings because you don’t need to pay commission, it may not be suitable for you. Some home sellers had to pay more than the commission of Long Island real estate agents eventually. Take note that dealing in property is a considerable financial decision, and you must study it thoroughly before you totally disregard the option of hiring an agent.

1. Hiring an Agent Provides More Convenience

real estate agentThe primary responsibility of a real estate agent is to serve as a liaison between home sellers and interested buyers. This means that the agent has numerous contacts throughout the industry. As their full-time job, they know what must be done to complete the deal fast. For instance, if you are searching for a home to buy, an agent will usually find properties that are suitable to your preferences and needs, contact with the home seller’s representative, and schedule an appointment for property viewing. If you decide to find a property on your own, you might need to spend numerous hours just for scheduling appointments. Also, this is often more difficult if you are shopping for Long Island real estate that has been put up for sale by the actual owner.

2. Agents Can Help You Understand Complex Contracts

mortgageIf you sell or buy a home, a contract is usually drafted to protect you and make certain that you can still back out of the transaction if the requirements are not fulfilled. For instance, if you are considering buying a home inclusive of mortgage but you didn’t include financing as one of the prerequisites of the sale and you have failed to get approval for the mortgage, your deposit for the home can be lost. Also, you can be vulnerable to legal issues such as breach of contract. To prevent this scenario from happening, it is best to hire an agent.

3. Not Everyone Can Negotiate A Deal

DealSome sellers are not totally convinced that doing business with real estate agents is a good idea because they feel that negotiating directly is more transparent and allows them look more closely over their own interests. While this may be true, negotiations are not always easy, especially if both the seller and buyer don’t have experience in the industry. It is still best to negotiate the deal through a Long Island real estate agent who has the expertise and the experience in ensuring that deals are fast, affordable, and free from legal setbacks.

Although there are individuals who can sell their own properties, the process is not always easy. It is wise to have a professional agent on your side, particularly if you are entangled in a difficult deal.

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