Rosemary Tyson

When you take time to look around on a busy work day, there is always a huge chance of seeing people wearing neck lanyards on their way to and from work, or school, or some major event. This is because lanyards have become quite a norm because of its many practical uses.

Following Are The Different Purpose Of Lanyards:

One of the purpose that lanyards serves is as effective tools for advertising. What a company has to do is to have its logo or product imprinted onto the 36-inch long lanyard in order to get a walking, talking product marketing tool.

But neck lanyards aren’t just popular because of their advertising value. These lanyards are also chosen because of the many practical ways that they can be put to good use. For instance, a student who keeps losing her locker and library card can simply hang these things up on the small loop of her lanyard right beside her ID. This way, the students is able to have just one point of reference for all the important aspects of her student life.

Custom LanyardsNeck lanyards can also serve as holders for the water bottles that every marathoner, every mountaineer, and every busy manual laborer needs. However, in order to avoid any unlikely incident with the water bottle, the owner would first have to make sure that he purchases a lanyard with a secure clip hook instead of the usual thin thread for tying or the key ring. This popularity has paved the way for innovations in the lanyard industry. One of the newer versions of lanyards that have strayed a bit from the original look and feel of neck lanyards is the retractable badge reel.

Retractable badge reels are fast becoming a choice product in many companies worldwide as a great way for employees to hold their IDs on. It works in the same way that reels work, by having a pull mechanism that would extend the length of the cord. There is usually a small badge that holds the entire length of rolled thin cord inside.

The badge is often imprinted with designs such as the company logo or a photo of the company’s leading products or service. By imprinting on the badge, companies make sure that badge reel would serve the dual purpose of ID holder and brand promoter in one.

Orders for neck lanyards can be placed either at traditional store or on the internet. When a buyer decides to purchase from the internet, he gives himself the advantage of being able to read up on all the related literature that have already been written about lanyards. However, the best way to get reliable information is by going directly to the lanyard manufacturer’s website. There he would be able to read up on a lot of relevant information such as the types and styles of lanyards, as well as the options that he can choose from in terms of imprinting his company’s logo onto the lanyard.

He can place bulk orders on the same website for lanyards with customized neck loop designs and even give specific instructions on the type of hardware to be used at the tip of the lanyard. Some hardware choices include snap hooks, J-hooks, easy snap-on buckles, and so on. It is often necessary to choose the right type of hardware because this can be a determining factor as to what purpose the lanyard would serve. If the lanyard is for employee use, it is best to choose a tiny rounded snap buckle that has a thin cord attached to it. The cord can easily be looped into an ID hole and can also easily be tied into phones.