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Giving custom military coins as keepsakes to soldiers is a tradition that most military units like the Air Force, the Coast Guards, and the Marines practice. These military coins play valuable roles to these units for these coins are used to acknowledge achievements of unit members, to commemorate fallen soldiers, and to celebrate unit member deployments. In this regard, it is important that you are aware of the things you need to know before placing an order for your unit’s custom military coins.

For most people who are unfamiliar with custom military coins, placing an order can be overwhelming as this entails a lot of information and choices. Being experts to this kind of endeavor, let us enlighten you with what you need to know and what you need to do when placing an order.


Designs need to be made with superior images.

When ordering military coins, you may request us to create the design for you or you may create and submit your own design. However, when submitting your own design, you need to remember that all images you choose for your design need to be with the apt quality to ensure that your military coins look absolutely perfect. We advise that your own design or artwork should be with high resolution.

Detailed designs and 3D designs for digital proof take longer time to create.

Designs with very detailed elements such as 3D images may require additional time to create. In this regard, we require our talented graphic artists to have additional time to create your digital proofs with full color. This is also to ensure that we craft your military coins just the way you want it.

Considering a good packaging and presentation option is a must.

Since we understand that custom military coins are valuable to you, we ensure that it will be packaged in the most presentable way as possible. We offer various packaging options you may choose from.

Having known these pieces of information, we would like to enumerate further tips on what you need to do before placing an order of military coins:

1.    Determine the design of your coins.

We want your military coins to be personalized and unique. In this regard, you may create your own design for your military coins. On the other hand, you may also ask help from our talented graphic artists in creating your designs. We offer unlimited design creation and design revision.

2.    Decide the shape of your military coins.

Some military coins are created using the traditional round shape. However, it does not limit your choices. This is because we offer different shapes and edge designs for your military coins.

3.    Know the metal color.

Military coins are made with various metal colors. These metal colors include gold, silver, copper, and brass. You need to know which metal color best fits your military coins.

4.    Define the time when you need your custom coins.

It is valuable to know when you would need your military coins. We value your time, so we assure you guaranteed efficiency in producing your orders. Your design proof will be given 24 hours after the receipt of your request, and then once you approve it, we will deliver your orders within two to three weeks. We also offer rush orders.

5.    Consider other services offered by the company producing your military coins.

Aside from quality service and creative output, you need to also know the value-added services that the company offers. In our case, we the following services are included in your military coin orders:

a.    Free shipping within the USA;
b.    Free Design and Artwork;
c.    Unlimited proof revisions; and
d.    Free color matching

Knowing all of these pieces of pertinent information about ordering custom military coins, you now then simply need to entrust your order to us for we are, without a doubt, the leading and trusted company for custom coins.

Aside from quality service and creative output, you need to also know the value-added services that the company offers.